This past October 5th saw the 5th annual BEDA symposium take place at UP Comillas, Alberto Aguilera. If you missed it, it wasn´t your fault; the area of auxiliaries is much better at recruiting / training than marketing/publicity.

The basic premise of the event is for new auxiliaries to learn directly from experienced 4th year colleagues: a simple idea that has continually achieved great results since its inception 5 years ago.

Imagine a 4th year auxiliar, someone who has spent years in front of hundreds of groups with varying levels and ages, forced to focus on just one pedagogical aspect (grammar, syntax, phonetics, assessment, rhetoric) and develop a workshop. The resulting level of originality and innovation demonstrated in this material is outstanding. This material is given freely to newer auxiliaries in the workshop format, then recorded and used as an online resource available only to BEDA auxiliaries.

This year was special…

We asked the 4th year to first present their material in a dynamic 20x20 format – 20 slides of 20 seconds. This was a huge challenge that all 27 speakers met head on. The result was a spectacular 3 hour presentation covering everything an auxiliar needs to know and more.

These were some of the comments:

"Also wanted to say thank you so very much for putting this all together it has brought me an immense peace of mind that I hadn’t been able to have up to this point, so your work for this is highly appreciated".

"I found it really helpful and I’ve already started using activities I learned".

Julian McGee
Responsable del 5th BEDA English Workshop Symposium